I hesitated a bit.. would I make these pages in a dull and gloomy style, very clean and grey, or should I make them in countrystyle and just follow the colours that arise?
I just didn't know.

Maybe I would offend people by using bright colours.
Maybe people wouldn't understand these pages would be in countrystyle, like the rest of the site.

Then I looked around at my computer and found the little piece of art Tea made a while ago: the guardian angel.

She is so delicate.

And while I sat watching her, suddenly it hit me that this fitted perfectly the spirit of the person that was randomly assigned to me when I first applied to make a tribute at 2,996.

Like it said on the site of 2.996, it's about honoring the lives.

I'm living in The Netherlands, a country in Europe.
English is not a first language, so at times I'm short for words, or I unknowingly use the wrong ones.
I'm sorry if that happens.
Please know I respect the grief, the pain, the fear.
In no way I would want to hurt someone.

We have our own history of terrorism, or own political views.
I'll write about it here. Not to offend.
But please don't read it if you feel vulnerable, because maybe you misread what I mean.
Accept that my intentions are good. In no way I want to offend.

But maybe, maybe people from all over the world can get a bit more understanding for each other.

You can go through this section of my site by using the links you'll find a bit lower on each page.

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tribute to
:: Nancy Bueche ::

tribute to
:: Robert A. Hepburn ::

our 9-11-2001

main 2,996 site is down.
List of tributes can be found,
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