When I signed up to participate in the 2,996 memorial and got a name assigned of a person who died at 9-11 I couldn't even imagine how touched I would be by the life of this unknown person.
All I knew was that she was 43 when she became one of the known and unknown victims that died after the plains hit the WTC buildings.

Nancy was born at august 10 as Nancy Clare McNulty.
She was a happy child, growing up in Richmond Hill.

She attended Richmond Hill High School and was known as a hard working student. In her spare time she worked at Alexander's department store.

She married Jim Bueche and they got a daughter, Bridget.
To make life better for her family, she started studying business administration at Briarcliffe.
She attended nightclasses for three years, while having a fulltime job at Aon Coorporation at the WTC.

She only needed a few months more to finish her studies for the Bachelors degree when the WTC tower collapsed.

The picure that is painted here is of a very hard working, responsible woman, and one might expect she was boring and dull too.

Nancy was a multi-facetted person who embraced life fully. She was an inspiration for many.

People remember her as one of the kindest, caring persons they have known. And also as one of the most energetic people.

She had the gift to make all sorts of people feel at ease, and the friends she made were forever.

She was very present, but her classmates and collegues loved her warm welcomes, and her enthousiasm.
Children loved her for the way she was able to meet them at their own level.

She was full of humor.

She was special, and I feel so honored to write this tribute.

She was a true friend to her family and friends.
And she cherished her mom.
When she moved from Richmond Hill to Hicksville she visited her mother at least once every week.

She had the gift to honor the child in her and to express it fully and at the same time be a mature, responsible companion for those she lived with.

She loved to screen the papers for bargains.
Enjoyed herself and others when she went into every attraction at the fairs.
When she liked something she liked it with everything in her, and when she loved, she loved with full dedication.
Everyone knew how deeply she loved her husband and her daughter.
She and Bridget were inseparable during the weekends.

Her habits were wellknown.

Often during the summer they would go to the beach with Nancy's mother and finished the evening with a nice barbecue.
When the beach days were over they would shop. She loved to buy clothes for Bridget. She was so proud of her.

Nancy drafted insurance contracts on the 102nd floor of Tower Two when the plain crashed into the TWC.
Even then her family was on her mind. She called her husband to tell him she was OK and heading for the stairs.

It's possible she took the elevator to the 78th floor, before she went to the stairs.
On her way down she helped a collegue who had bad knees.
Nafisa, a collegue, saw her last with supervisor Janet and Sheila Barnes.
They were in a stairwell above 38th floor.

Nancy never found her way to those she loved so dearly.
The building collapsed and she died.

Briarcliffe College gave Nancy a posthumous honorary degree in june 2002.
A scholarship was established in her name.

Bridget was 10 when she lost her wonderful mother.
The same age my girls are now.

Family members say they see the enormous lifeliness of her mother in her, and to me that's a promise for the future.

I wish I could do something to whipe the grief from Nancy's family away. But I know I can't.

Each 9-11 I will burn a candle for Nancy.
She has become from an unknown person, someone who has touched my life in a very deep way.
Her life has moved me and she will be remembered as long as I live.

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