After reading what friends and family wrote about and to this man I never met in my life, I cried.
What a great, loving, human guy!
What a pity I'll never be able to meet him, because I'm sure I would have enjoyed it.
Well, I can't imagine that there is somebody on this earth that hasn't had a great time with him.

When he was young his lifely character was already making an impression on others.
He was a real boy. Had siblingfights with his brothers, played basketball, and had a tremendous smile.
He enjoyed everything he was doing, and wasn't afraid to sit on the front stoop during thunder storms.

He grew up to become an harmonious person.
He loved to joke and to tease others, but never with the intend to hurt.
he loved to make other people laugh and enjoy life.
His family members remember many happy moments with him.

What he did, he did it will full power and all he had.

He started working at the mailroom of Amerada Hess Corp. in Woodbridge, N.J..
And when he left there 14 years later, he was manager.

And he had a wife, Teresa.

His Hess-coworkers had challenged him to take her out, and what was supposed to be some fun, turned serious.
They fell in love and they were married at August 14, 1993.
And they received two wonderful daughters. He was eager to live, eager to love.

Anyone who needed his help got it. Even without asking.
Removing snow, mowing lawns, cutting hedges. When you belonged to his worls, nothing was too much.
He made a lasting impression on everyone he met.

He worked only for 2 months at the World Trace Center, but everyone knew his daily routines.
Not because they were disturbing, no, because they reflected his love for his family in the best way.

Every morning his wife and daughters would drive him to the trainstation at Union, N.J..
From there he went to his work.
At 8 he would call home to ask if his girls were ready for school, and to ask them what they wished he would bring home: gum or candy.
At 11.30 he called and had a chat with Allyson about school and other important matters in the life of a 4-year old.
At 3.30 pm Jennifer was called, so she could share her daily experiences.
And at 5.30 he called so they know with which train he would arrive at the station.

At home he took over so his wife Teresa could go to work without a worry in the world.

The summerseason was special.
His wife and daughters took the train into the city every Thursday for lunchtime concerts downtown.
He went all the way down and to the trains to meet them and bring them to their destination. After that he went to work again, and joined them later at lunchtime to watch the rest of the concert.

He was a person who loved the people in his life.
He called his parents every week. Later that month they had planned a trip to them in Florida. He was looking forward to taste his mother's cooking again.

He loved his work as an office service manager at Marsh & McLennan. He enjoyed his collegues, his prospects.
It's such a pity he only enjoyed it two months.
He praised himself lucky to have a place on the 93rd floor of Tower 1. His desk was against a window from where could could see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
"I'm on top of the world!", he used to say.

At 9-11 Robert went a train later, but he managed to call his daughters before they went to school.
Jennifer was 6, and Allyson was 4 when the airplane fully flew into their fathers workfloor.

Not only his beloved Wife Teresa, but also his parents, three brothers, many friends, collegues and other people mourn his death.
He died at 39 years of age.

He has touched my life too, leaving lasting impression.
And I feel honored to have been able to write this tribute.

Each 9-11 I will burn a candle for him and all he's left behind.

Some people have lived a life so fully and so happy, that their glow will stay on this world forever.
Robert Alan Hepburn was such a man.

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